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    EPIRB Hire (PLB)

    Hire Gear & Sales

    You never know when the unexpected will happen! Don't go on your Thorsborne Trail adventure without this compact EPIRB! (PLB) ...

    from $30
    200 + Wildlife Species
    24 Hour Access
    39900 Hectares of National Parks
    1932 Protected Since

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    For Hire

    EPIRB Hire (PLB)

    You never know when the unexpected will happen! Don't go on your Thorsborne Trail adventure without this compact EPIRB! (PLB) ...

    For Hire

    Complete Hire Package

    This package has the essentials you need for any multi day hike. All you need to add is your food and clothing and off you go!

    For Hire

    HIRE Cooking Set

    We supply you with all your cooking needs. You will get a Gas cooker, cooking pots, cup, plate and cutlery. (Gas canisters are not included in hire. These can be ...

    For Hire

    HIRE Sleeping Pad

    Gone are the days when you have to sleep on a yoga mat! This is the ultimate sleeping mat!

    For Hire

    HIRE 2 Man Tent

    This tent is an extremely good quality tent. Perfect for the North Queensland tropics with air vents and a separate rain cover. Featuring Aluminium Poles and only ...

    PURCHASE 230g Gas Canister

    This size gas canister is suitable for 2 people hiking for 4 days. If you are hiking for more than 4 days, we suggest you purchase 2 of these canisters. ...


    Thorsborne Trail Hike

    Hiking the Thorsborne Trail is a wonderful experience that will see you enjoying the beautiful natural environment and scenery, challenging treks and making ...

    Annika Lems We completed the Thosborne Trail last week, and it was fantastic. I would like to thank Amanda from Hinchinbrook Hiking. She went out of her way to help us and gave us lots of helpful tips about the island, the ... Read More
    Tracey Harris Just finished the Thorsborne Trail hike. We hired tents and sleeping mats from Amanda and they were perfect for the hike . Had a fantastic time and excellent service and assistance from Amanda, & also from Dean and Andrew with ... Read More
    Lynette Rainey "Just finished the Thorsborne Trial with 8 other amazing women. Amanda was just fantastic at helping me with everything I needed for the backpack. I have never hiked before and at 60 was not sure I could do this. Once ... Read More
    Georgina Rogers "What an amazing trip! Thank you so much Terry and Dean!! Highly recommend!!"
    Mick Vafidis "Great gear at small prices......Recommend to all"
    Biggsie Bigglesworth "Such friendly and helpful service. I was able to collect the gear I needed at late notice and they bent over backwards to help me. Definitely recommended. Thank you."
    Jonathan "Just want to say thanks to Greg the skipper for helping me at Ramsay bay the other day. I got badly dehydrated after the walk and he responded in a highly professional way. Bravo Hinchinbrook Island Cruises!"